How did this start?

My photography started when I decided to go out onto the streets of Denver and photograph the epidemic of homelessness. I carefully photographed and documented the stories of the men and women that were out on the streets, until one day in 2000, CBS found out about my work and asked if they could do a documentary on my documentary. That aired in Denver on Thanksgiving 2000. I then started doing freelance photography with the Denver Post. When we moved out to Fredericksburg, I searched different places to find work, and eventually my mother recommended I do weddings. My first wedding was an ultra small affair, which was beautiful, but didn't really get my creative juices flowing. A few weeks later, I shot my second wedding. It was an all weekend wedding on a farm, and I was so in love. Within a few years I was photographing about 50 weddings a year and I haven't looked back. The man on the left is a picture of Paulie. He was the first photograph I took with a camera that I had been given by my husband, and one of the reasons that I fell in love with photography.


“We had the honor of Jennifer at our wedding and she is incredible. From the beautiful engagement shoot to our perfect wedding Jennifer was brilliant from start to finish. She is professional, efficient, friendly and, most importantly, took the most fabulous photographs of our wedding.”

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