How did this start?

Well I was living in Denver Colorado thousands of miles from my family and I was crying in an office depot parking lot because I was homesick and wanted to go home. I had two small children and was newly married and a homeless man named Paulie came strolling by with his cart. My husband had given me a camera with some tri-x film and it was in the back seat. I got out without the camera and started talking to the man. Scared him to pieces as by the time I decided to talk to him he was head down in a dumpster fishing stuff out of it. We talked for about twenty minutes and then he just starts walking off, turns around and said are you coming? I ran back, got the camera and took off on about an eight hour day of walking with this man around Denver listening to horror stories connected by the places he showed me. It was a day that changed my future. It was a day that someone stepped in and gave me a higher purpose. Two years after that, I was taking a bunch of homeless men to McDonalds, when a car hit one of the men and as the police did their investigation they kept me inside the police lines because I was so upset, and the media was all over the place. As the line was taken down, some of the media got too close to me and the homeless men started to beat up the camera man for getting in my face. Well that was all they needed. They did a little documentary on the homeless on Thanksgiving 2000 using my images, and I haven't looked back since. Weddings came about because my family, scared for my safety in some of the projects I was taking on, felt that weddings would be safer. After my second wedding I was sold. I couldn't imagine myself doing something so fun, so romantic, and absolutely visually stimulating. I still can't believe that I get to do this for a living.



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