Your day, Your way

My job as historian is to tell an accurate story of a part of your life. As with every story there is a beginning a middle and an ending. However, we all know that beginnings can start anywhere, and the middle, well that's the bulk of the tale. That's where the living takes place, it's where all the action happens, where we get to see you and your family and your guests for who they are, complex, intricate human beings that change with every interaction they encounter. My job as your historian is to photograph this one day, in a way that shows how complex we are, how intimate this day is, as well as how unique it is to your story. Your love, the work you have put into creating this day, the people that come from all over to celebrate it with you, and the moments that your great grandchildren will try to recreate in their own story, as a result of this day, are the moments worth saving forever.

Using light, shadows, colors, tones and techniques I will be able to deliver to you a memory on paper and digital form that you can pass on to both those that were there and to those later on in life who did not get to be part of your wedding day. This is the day you have spent many months and sometimes years creating, so I take my time. I make sure that each detail, each moment is photographed in a way that shows your attention to detail and the love that went behind each decision you made in the process. The relationships with family and friends will be documented with posed images both formal and fun and the process of posed images will be made fun by interactions and games we play so that the moments although posed, produce genuine smiles and laughter. This is your day, done your way, so speak up if you have ideas, or would like to change part of the process.

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“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”